Thursday, September 11, 2008

crazy webkinz

the sick gold fish has every sickness in the world don't buy him if he comes out he will pee in his bed.
the flirter this little sucker will flirt with every girl he meats so don't buy him.

the sad geer pet. the head floats in the air. the story one day a googles head got chop off and a deer too. the deer and the google put them selfs together and made this animal the sad geek or the sad doogle.

kin kong ate ever one in the experiment so he never got in to webkinz worldand he was so big he cod not fit on the screen.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Baby loves the slide. she loves it. she went up and down laughing her head off . she was having so much fun. she would first clime then she slid. she was a little scared at first. by the end she was having such a fun time. laughing and laughing. then when it was time to go inside she was so mad.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Silver City

This is Silver City. it's very cool out. At the begining of town, there is a lantern hanging up and they call it a signal and we didn't see it, so they gave us a ticket.

this is the post office/the places where they store their ice .the post offices has no mail box so you half to walk in and give the person your mail and some of the houses are a mile away so .that would be hard , if you had to deliver the mail .

dead mans alley is so steep. I slipped 2 times. but at the top there is shade. I'm not sure why it's called thatb but I saw a bullet head up there-my friend, Nick, took it home. maybe. there was a battle in dead mans alley.
this is the is so steep. and it was so beautiful inside. but I couldn't go inside but there was a peep hole. so I did see the in side.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I hoped this day would never come, the first day of school. It was a full day and all the teacher did was talk. We spent 2 hours getting our supplies in our desks, and then the teacher talked about the play ground rules. After school, we waited 10 min. for Jacob and now we are going to have to ride the stinky bus and wait 20 minutes to be in cool air because it will save gas.